Donetsk, May 23 - DAN. DPR, LPR and Russian writers presented the “Donbass Choice” collection of stories to the public at the Donetsk News Agency press centre on Tuesday.

The book was unveiled by Union of Russian Writers co-chairman Nikolai Ivanov, LPR Union of Writers chairman Gleb Bobrov and DPR Union of Writers member Vladimir Skobtsov who leads the “Big Donbass” project. Several writers who contributed to the project were present at the ceremony.

“It’s a unique book. As photographers adjust white balance before starting to take pictures, so is balance observed here. It’s all here: war and peace, life and death. It consolidates the writers with the theme of serving one’s Motherland, the theme of pain, sympathy and compassion,” Ivanov said.

“We understand that the most trusted solider in the war is the one carrying his commander’s flask. Donetsk and Lugansk writers are like the fighters carrying water, and this reviving gup will help us go on,” he said.

The 672-page book comprises stories by 61 authors. The contributors include representatives of DPR, LPR, Russia, Serbia, Israel, Ukraine and Kiev-controlled part of Donetsk Region. The stories belong to difference genres, such as prose, poetry and drama. The book’s print run is 1,000 copies.

“Donbass Choice” brought together authors from many countries loyal to the Russian World. Holding the book in my hand, I feel a live, throbbing Russian World. I believe we’ve completed a historic mission. It’s a powerful collection of stories in terms of its content, thanks to the authors,” LPR Union of Writers chairman Gleb Bobrov said.

The guests noted that 200 copies of the book would be passed to DPR libraries, as as many to Russian libraries. The book’s electronic version will be available shortly.

On 14 May, Donetsk released a book of poetry titled “Wounded Land.” It was presented by Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin. The book is a collection of writings by 16 authors, including DPR Union of Writers members Anna Revyakina and Vladimir Skoptsov and Russian war correspondent Semyon Pegov.*jk