DPR launches Unified Comprehensive Defense System

December 11, 2019 13:25

Donetsk, Dec 11 – DAN. DPR has established a comprehensive defense system Mantia-ARP, the DPR People’s Militia said.

“The tests of an innovative Mantia-ARP Unified Comprehensive Defense System have been completed. The system joins artillery, electronic warfare, air defense systems to provide a comprehensive protection of airspace and territory against enemy’s attacks.”

The successful launch of the system was secured by adopting of the new Terrikon-M2H electronic warfare system that spots and jams control channels of UAVs.

According to the DPR People’s Militia, Ukrainian OSA-AK(M) surface-to-air missile systems captured in 2014 have been updated to extend their detection range to 65 km and engagement range to 15 km and altitude to seven km. Currently the systems are capable of engaging even the smallest unmanned aerial vehicles in wider conditions. *ot