Kiev forces plant 400 anti-tank mines near security zone south of Donetsk – DPR militia

April 09, 2020 13:13

Donetsk, Apr 9 – DAN. Ukrainian forces have planted 400 anti-tank mines next to the Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye security zone, the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia press service reported on Thursday.

“The militia has spotted the planting of 400 anti-tank mines in farmlands in the outskirts of the Bogdanovka village by 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade units,” the press service said.

Earlier reports said that Ukrainian army units had organised new positions in the Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye area for the first time since the complete troops withdrawal in November 2019. They have repeatedly opened fire at the DPR territory from these positions in the past weeks.*jk