Number of Ukrainian commandos killed outside Gorlovka rises to three, evacuation arrangements underway – JCCC

July 14, 2020 17:53

Donetsk, Jul 14 – DAN. Three Ukrainian servicemen were killed in a minefield outside Gorlovka, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

The incident occurred on Monday morning. A group of six Ukrainian commandos advanced towards DPR positions in the Zaitsevo settlement. They wandered in a minefield; one was killed outright; the DPR militia initially reported that another two had been wounded.

“While carrying out a sabotage and reconnaissance attack on DPR positions in the Zaitsevo area, 35th Marines Brigade servicemen tripped a mine which killed one commando on the spot. As of now, the sides are discussing mutually acceptable options to evacuate the bodies of another two servicemen (of Ukrainian armed formations – eds Donetsk News Agecny),” the JCCC said on Tuesday.

After the mine explosions, Ukraine requested a ceasefire to evacuate the fatalities. The DPR provided ceasefire guarantees at 14:00. However, it was not specialists from the Evacuation 200 civil-military cooperation organisation who began to advance to the scene, but Ukrainian army groups, covered by fire which was adjusted with two drones. The evacuation failed.

On Monday evening, DPR militiamen evacuated one of the victims. His body is currently in a DPR morgue.*jk

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