Operation that killed two Colonels was plotted in secret from SBU head and president

December 04, 2019 18:37

Donetsk, Dec 4– DAN. The saboteur operation of the Alfa unit of the Ukrainian security service was developed in secret from the service head and the country’s president by the head of the special operations center Lt Gen Alexander Ustimenko, said the DPR Ministry of State Security Head Mikhail Popov.

“The operation was planned without notifying Ivan Bakanov (SBU Head) and president Vladimir Zelensky”.

Earlier DPR said that two Ukrainian colonels had been killed in mine blasts as they tried to infiltrate DPR positions outside Starolaspa. The enemy’s squad was tasked with an atmed attack to provoce People’s Militia to prompt further escalation and possible further large-scale military action. Ukrainian saboteurs planned to blame DPR for inability to fulfill agreements on the eve of the Normandy Four summit scheduled on December 9. *ot