Ukrainian forces supply anti-tank mines to Petrovskoye area

June 10, 2020 16:10

Donetsk, Jun 10 – DAN. Ukrainian forces supplied additional anti-tank mines to the Petrovskoye-Bogdanovka disengagement area, the DPR People’s Militia said citing intelligence.

“The 128th brigade supplied boxes with landmines to the Bogdanovka area (controlled by Ukrainian forces), including the TM-62 type.”

Two IFVs were located in a private yard. The work of electronic warfare unit interfering with an SMM UAV control and navigation channels was reported in the same location.

The framework agreement on disengagement of forces in Donbass was signed in late September 2016. The objective was to disengage the warring sides to avoid the risk of clashes and shelling. The document set three pilot security areas: Petrovskoye in the DPR and Stanitsa Luganskaya and Zolotoye in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The disengagement was finalized at all the three areas by the late 2019.

The presence of weapons and military personnel is banned in those areas. The OSCE SMM patrols are monitoring the situation.*ot