Ukrainian SBU plotted escalation after capturing DPR positions

December 04, 2019 17:57

Donetsk, Dec 4– DAN. Saboteurs of the Alfa unit of the Ukrainian security service, which included Colonels Volochayev and Kaplunov killed in operation, was aiming to provoce escalation on Mariupol direction, said DPR deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin.

Earlier DPR said that the two colonels were killed in mine blasts as they tried to infiltrate DPR positions outside Starolaspa.

“The enemy’s squad was tasked with an atmed attack to provoce People’s Militia to prompt further escalation and possible further large-scale military action,” Basurin said.

Ukrainian saboteurs planned to blame DPR for inability to fulfill agreements on the eve of the Normandy Four summit scheduled for December 9. *ot