Donetsk, Aug 13 – DAN.  DPR People's Militia has drilled defensive actions, firing and counter-offensive, said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

"Exercises involving units and troops of various branches of the military took place at DPR shooting ranges, including competitions of BMP, and artillery crews, machine guns operators and engineers," he said.

The military drilled deployment to positions, gathering data and opening fire, organizing defensive layback positions.

"Personnel showed high-level skills," Basurin said.

Earlier, DPR held joint drills of motorized infantry and tank units. More than 1,000 drills were carried out, including specific tactical tasks and battle drill exercises. The total of 5,000 service members were involved.

DPR held large-scale drills in March this year. DPR Commander-in-Chief Denis Pushilin arrived at a military shooting range and drove an IFV (BMP-1 type) across the range and its artificial obstacles to examine their level of complexity. *ot