Donetsk, Apr 30 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic militiamen downed two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles which had been adjusting fire at the outskirts of Donetsk, the DPR People’s Militia press service reported on Thursday.

An ASU-1 Valkyrie drone adjusted fire at the Staromikhailovka settlement in western Donetsk where three houses sustained shelling damage. The strike was delivered at 22:05 on Wednesday, the press service said.  Fifteen 122mm rounds were fired at the settlement.

“Thanks to skilful actions by air defence and radio electronic warfare units employing the Matiya-ARP integrated defence system and a Triton-M1 station, the Ukrainian UAV was shot down which made the invaders stop the shelling,” the DPR militia said.

The second Ukrainian drone, a quadcopter, was downed in northern Donetsk on Thursday morning. It had been adjusting mortar fire at the Volvo Centre area.*jk