Torez, Aug 27 - DAN. The best tank crews of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have begun to compete for the top place in a Torez test field.

The competition started upon the order by DPR People’s Militia chief of staff Maj-Gen Denis Sinenkov. “I declare the third stage of field training among tank crews open. All crews take positions. The first run begins,” he said.

Two DPR crews and two LPR tank crews reached the finals following two elimination rounds. The crews operate T-72B tanks. Lot drawing made the visiting crews from the LPR the first to drive. The LPR team covered the first lap in 16 minutes 20 seconds.

Each finalist has to do three laps while meeting such challenges as obstacle zone, moat, track bridge, steep slope, high speed driving and passing through a minefield.  They also have to hit three targets using the tank’s 125mm gun on the first lap, one target with a Kalashnikov machine gun on the second lap and deliver fire with the Utyos large calibre machine gun on the third. All assignments have to be completed against the clock; penalty points are awarded for missing deadlines.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin is expected to personally award the winners.

The tank competition marks the 75th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War and the upcoming Donbass Liberation Day. It is part of the Donetsk Rush contest involving all military crafts.*jk