Donetsk, Dec 22 – DAN. DPR Operations Command has issued an order on introducing control system over the "new year ceasefire" observation by DPR units, as the truce comes into force at midnight December 23.

"For the purpose of quality implementation of the Contact Group decision on silencing guns at midnight, December 23, all DPR units received the order of the People's Militia head of staff No. 961 dated Decemebr 22, 2017 "On observation of ceasefire in the period of the New Year holidays," the Operations Command said.

The order says that unit commanders shall facilitate the ceasefire implementation since the midnight, December 23, notify the personnel and instruct them on compliance with it. In case the ceasefire is violated commanders shall inform a superior officer and investigate the case.

The members of the Contact Group held a meeting on December 20 in Minsk and agreed to a comprehensive, durable and indefinite ceasefire coming into force at midnight December 23 (1.00 a.m. DPR time). The DPR has confirmed its commitment to silence guns. *ot