Donetsk, May 4 - DAN. Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 56 times over the past 24 hours using rocket artillery to shell DPR territory’s, the Republic’s Operations Command said on Thursday.

“The enemy used multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), artillery, tank guns, mortars, infantry fighting vehicle cannons, antitank missiles, grenade launchers and small arms,” it said.

Seventeen DPR settlements came under fire overall; two houses were damaged in Spartak village.

“Spartak village was targeted at night, a shell hit at the summer kitchen at 58 Kievskaya Street was recorded and a mortar shell impacted in between houses 59 and 61 in the same street, but no damage to housing was recorded,” local administration press service told Donetsk News Agency.

At 84 Chapayeva Street, a projectile broke through the wall of a house.

No casualties have been reported. *jk