Donetsk, Jan 28 – DAN. DPR Intelligence has reported a large Ukrainian commission of the radiation, chemical and biological protection service of the Sever (North) group HQ arriving to Gorlovka, said the head of the DPR People's Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

"Commission arrival was reported in the 58th and 30th brigades," he said. Evidently, the commission is checking units readiness to perform tasks in chemically polluted environment.

One of the largest Donbass chemical enterprises Stirol is located in Gorlovka. DPR has reported that Kiev prepares an attack on the facility several times. The attack is to be followed by an offensive by the Sever group.

Bezsonov said that what the commission had revealed was a complete unpreparedness of the troops and units to act in polluted environment. No observation posts were installed, no radiation measuring equipment is available, individual protection kits are disassembled and in poor condition. Troops are not aware how to use kits.

Stirol is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of nitrogen fertilizers in Donbass, located in frontline Gorlovka. In March 2017 after Kiev refused to lift economic blockade it imposed on the region, the plant was transferred under external management. Before the war, its contribution to the world's ammonia, organic resin, polymers and goods made of it export constituted up to three percent. It was halted during active phase of military action and was re-launched in August 2018.

Any attack on the enterprise may have severe consequences for the environment and population. On January 24, the DPR emergency services and People's Militia had had drills to tackle an emergency at the plant involving chemical pollution. *ot