Donetsk, Oct 15 - DAN. A Donetsk People’s Republic resident has been sentenced to 16 years for spying for Ukraine’s security services, the DPR Prosecutor General’s Office press service reported on Thursday.

“The preliminary investigation was monitored the PGO military and government bodies supervision department,” the report said.  “On September 10, the DPR Supreme Court Appeals Chamber sentenced V.Dzytsyuk  for crimes covered by Article 321,  Article 233, Part 2, Article 232, Article 260, Part 3 and Article 256, Part 3 to 16 years in a maximum security penitentiary.”

Dzytsyuk who was staying in Ukraine in November 2015, was recruited to spy for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s Main Intelligence Department (GUR). Using web-based messengers, he gathered and passed information to the GUR on the location of DPR militia units in the period from December 2015 to March 2017 .

Dzytsyuk joined one of the terrorist groups set up by the GUR and was trained in bomb-making.  After the training, he smuggled two explosive devices into the DPR in May 2017 in order to carry out acts of terror in the territory of the Republic, the DPR Prosecutor General’s Office press service added.

Earlier, the DPR Supreme Court recognised the activity of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry Main Intelligence Department in the DPR territory as extremist.*jk