Donetsk, Dec 7 – DAN. Ukrainian authorities plan to use more than 90 hospitals across the country to treat injured servicemen during the offensive in Donbass, said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

"The lists of hospitals to be used for treatment of injured servicemen have been drawn in cooperation with the administrations of regions where martial law was declared. They include 90-plus hospitals with the total capacity of 41,000."

In other hospitals, 8,000 beds are prepared.

Basurin presented a classified letter to the JFO commander Sergey Naev sent by the head of medical aid organization and development department of the health department of Donetsk regional state administration Natalia Philippova and obtained by the DPR Intelligence.

The document descries plans to prepare additional beds in hospitals of eight regional centers and to assign medical deans in DPR towns after they are "liberated" by the Ukrainian army.

This is a strong proof of Kiev's plans to launch a large-scale offensive in Donbass, Basurin said.

Earlier DPR Intelligence reported British military experts arrival to Ukrainian-occupied Artyemovsk to prepare chemical attacks in the DPR north and that Kiev developed a plan to carry out sabotage act at the Stirol plant to deflect DPR forces and penetrate the DPR territory.

Ukraine declared martial law on November 26 in ten Ukrainian regions adjacent to Russia and Transnistria, or Kiev-controlled Donbass regions, or the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

Martial law is brought in all over the state or in designated areas in accordance with the bill "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law". Martial law provides military authorities and leadership with greater and unlimited power, while restricting civil liberties such as public gatherings, media freedoms and free movement.*ot