Попов Басурин  МГБ сообщило о гибели на линии соприкосновения двух полковников спецназа СБУ

Donetsk, Dec 4 – DAN. Senior Ukrainian officers of the Alfa special unit of the Ukrainian security service have been killed at the contact line, said DPR Ministry of State Security Press Officer Mikhail Popov at a press briefing in DAN.

"On November 30, two members of the Ukrainian security service have been killed – Col. Denis Volochayev and Col. Dmitry Kaplunov. Their group of four was tasked with capturing one of DPR key positions. As they infiltrated the Republic's territory they were spotted by the DPR People's Militia; as they retreated, Kaplunov triggered an explosive device and was instantly killed, while Volochayev tried to evacuate the body and was also killed in a mine blast," he said.

The incident happened outside Starolaspa, Mariupol direction.

Volochayev's body was eventually evacuated by Ukraine, and Kaplunov's was recovered by the DPR People's Militia service members.

"We are ready to hand over the body to his family so that they can hold a service," Popov said.

DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin said that special equipment and weapons made in the U.S. had also been recovered at the site.
"Improvised explosive devices were located and exploded at the site, their elements are being thoroughly examined."

Helmets, bullet-proof jackets, three grenade launchers, first aid kits, backpacks, uniform, rechargeable batteries for radio receivers and money were also recovered and displayed at the press briefing.

On December 2, Ukrainian security service said that two service members of the Special operations center were killed in Donbass without providing further details.*ot