Donetsk, May 21 – DAN. Ukrainian units have assaulted DPR positions outside Gorlovka, capturing three DPR servicemen, the DPR Operations Command said.

"In the dead of night, the enemy's forces up to two platoons attempted an assault outside Golmovskiy (north of Gorlovka). As the enemy approached, DPR servicemen shot to kill from several directions. The enemy supported by heavy fire of artillery and large caliber machine guns managed to get close to one of the positions. Our defenders heroically withstood the enemy, but the enemy troops captured three of them. One soldier was instantly killed."

Kiev's assault was repulsed, one of the squads retreated having incurred loses of five killed and four wounded.

The Gorlovka Mayor Ivan Prikhodko said that four civilians had been injured in the morning. *ot