Donetsk, Dec 13 — DAN. Russian forces have delivered a strike at a Ukrainian ammunition depot in Konstantinovka, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday.

Konashenkov also said that a Russian air strike had destroyed a Ukrainian army multiple rocket launcher battery in the Krasny Liman area. Seven Ukrainian army control centers were destroyed in Georgiyevka, Vodyanoye (DPR), Kislovka, Krakhmalnoye, Berestovoye, Monachinovka (Kharkov region) and Zhyoltye Kruchi (Zaporozhye region).

On Donetsk axis, Russian troops repelled three enemy counterattacks destroying more than n 30 Ukrainian gunmen and seven armored vehicles.

On South Donetsk axis, Russian army units prevented an enemy offensive at Pavlovka. A large group of enemy troops and their armored vehicles were destroyed.

On Krasny Liman axis, three Ukrainian army assault groups were destroyed as they planned to attack Terny and Yampolovka.

On Kupyansk axis, Russian artillery inflicted fire damage on detected troops concentration areas and Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries’ positions.

Russian air defense units shot down two drones outside Zhitlovka and Kremennaya, intercepted two HIMARS missiles by Pervomaisk (LPR) and a HARM anti-radar missile in the Makarovka area, Kharkov region.

The special military operation began overnight to February 24, 2022.*jk