Donetsk, Jul 21 - DAN. Ukrainian army units have fired more than 30,000 rounds of various ammunition at the Donetsk People’s Republic since July 21, 2019, when the indefinite ceasefire came into effect, the DPR Centre at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported on Tuesday.

“As many as 3,879 ceasefire violations have been recorded since July 21, 2020 through July 20, 2020; more than one-third of violations were artillery and mortar strikes, 34,189 rounds of ammunition have been expended overall,” the JCCC said.

Five civilians were killed in Ukrainian army strikes and another 60 have been wounded over the designated period. On top of that, Ukrainian armed formations have damaged or destroyed 790 houses, 121 vital infrastructure facilities and 17 cars.

“It is obvious talking about the indefinite ceasefire and real headway in the negotiations to bring peace to Donbass faster is out of the question at the momement. Instead, Ukrainian representatives made all efforts towards dismantling the Minsk processes whose terms are a hindrance to implementing the scenario to return Donbass by force,” the JCCC added.

At the Contact Group meeting in Minsk on July 17, 2019, the negotiators reached an accord on comprehensive, stable and indefinite casefire staring 00:01 on July 21, 2019. The accord envisions disciplinary measures against ceasefire violators, and bans offensives, special operations, all kinds of fire including sniper fire, and the deployment of heavy weapons in or in immediate proximity to residential areas, in the first place to civil infrastructure facilities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and communal areas.*jk