• Ukrainian forces lost 12 killed and another 14 wounded in a failed attempt to break through DPR defences on south axis, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday.
    “On 20 March, Kiev forces’ losses by Kominternovo amounted to 12 killed and 14 wounded, and the hardware losses were two IFVs and one damaged tank,” Basurin said.
    DPR militiamen retrieved the body of one Ukrainian serviceman and evacuated one wounded Ukrainian soldier who later died of his wounds despite medical assistance provided to him.
    “The bodies of Ukrainian servicemen were largely abandoned in proximity to our positions by their commanders and colleagues fleeing the battlefield,” he said adding that this fact was hard evidence of Ukraine’s offensive.
    Reports on Monday said the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance squad to up two platoons supported by mortar fire and hardware attempted to break through DPR defence lines in vicinity of Kominternovo. Later the enemy had to retreat to initial positions with his casualties amounting to ten killed or wounded, the Monday reports said. *jk