Donetsk, Dec 7 — DAN. Ukrainian armed formations have shelled the Donetsk People’s Republic 15 times since early Wednesday, said the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes (JCCC).

“The enemy used multiple rocket launchers, cannon artillery and mortars targeting the Kievsky, Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Voroshilovky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, Makeyevka’s Chervonogvardeisky and Kirovsky districts, Gorlovka’s Tsentralno-Gorodskoy district and the Kashtanovoye and Mayorsk settlements. Some 70 rounds of ammunition were fired at DPR settlements, the JCCC said. 

No civilian casualties have been reported.

The JCCC said that 14 buildings had been damaged in overnight artillery strikes at central Donetsk. The enemy delivered fire from the Kiev-held Tonenkoye using Czech-made “Grad” MLRS which Prague had handed over to Kiev as military assistance.

The strike at central Donetsk set the computer center of the Donetsk National University on fire. Other reports said that Ukrainian artillery strikes left Volnovakha without electricity overnight to Wednesday.*jk