Donetsk, Mar 6 - DAN. A powerful explosion occurred in the Ukraine-controlled territory near Donetsk, 800 metres from the contact line; a Ukrainian army helicopter was sighted in the area, head of the DPR Mission to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination Ruslan Yakubov said on Tuesday.

“Today, at 2:50 p.m., the Ukrainian side violated the accords again,” Yakubov said. “Contrary to Article 7 of the Memorandum of September 19, 2014, which bans employing combat aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in 30km-wide zone along the line of contact, a Ukrainian helicopter was sighted south of the Kiev-controlled Maryinka settlement, some 800 metres from the contact line.”

“A powerful explosion occurred 20 minutes before the helicopter was seen,” he added.

The JCCC is currently looking into the incident. “We ask the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine to investigate it,” Yakubov said.*jk