Khartsyzsk - Apr 27 - DAN. DPR’s only wire and cable maker Silur located in Khartsyzsk resumed operation on Thursday.

DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko, Tax and Revenue Minister Alexander Timofeyev, acting Industry and Trade Minister Alexey Granovskiy, Silur Director Ivan Ivantsov, company officials and personnel attended the relaunch ceremony.The enterprise was stopped in late 2016.

“We’ve been waiting for this day with great impatience; we’re attending a historic event,” Zakharchenko said. “A victory does not always have to do with war: launching the enterprise is our victory.”

“We have to break through the blockade which has been on since 2014, but we’re strong, and we’ll certainly break through. We’ll launch not just this company but dozens of them,” the DPR head said.

“It is a state-owned company, so it belongs to the people,” Zakharchenko said as he invited a company worker to join him for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The director then led the guests to the cable shop housing the bulk of equipment. Though many machine tools have not yet been cleared of accumulated dust, work will be bustling here in the near future. During the tour, Zakharchenko pressed buttons on the control panel putting the cable producer back in operation.
The guests also visited Silur’s museum which keeps track of company background, products and best workers.

The enterprise specialises in steel cables and is one of the largest companies in the region. It produces a total of 60 products including concrete reinforcement wire, mesh wire, and metalware. Silur products meet the requirements set by Russian GOST, Ukrainian DSTU, German DIN and British BS standards.
The enterprise currently has 50 million roubles worth of orders from state-owned Torezantratsit and Makeyevugol coal companies. Talks are underway over supplies of Silur products to other coal producers.*jk