Donetsk, Mar 29 - DAN. Kalinovskaya-Vostochnaya state mine is to launch a new longwall face with reserves estimated at 440 thousand tons of coal on March 30, said DPR Ministry of Coal and Energy.

"Another landmark event is to take place: on March 30 separate division Kalinovskaya-Vostochnaya Mine of state company Makeyevugol launches a new forth eastern longwall face of L1 level. The reserves are estimated at 440 thousand tons of coal," the ministry said.

The enterprise hasn't been mining since February as operations at the third eastern mine face had been halted. New shaft will provide stable operation for a year and a half.

The new face is the second face launched this year at DPR mines.
Earlier DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko announced plans to launch from eight up to 12 new faces. *ot