Makeyevka, Mar 23 - DAN. DPR Receivership Administrations plan to pay support money to personnel of the companies suffering from tougher Kiev-imposed blockade, Donetsk Republic social movement leader Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.

“The support money will be paid by receivership administrations shortly; the project is to be finalized later this month,” Pushilin said.

Workers’ Rights Protection Centre member Olga Pozdnyakova told Donetsk News Agency that the financial aid package is intended for the companies which have been “frozen” since the Donbass blockade took a turn for the worse.

“These are such giants as Enakievo Steel Mill, Makeyevskkoks, Yasinovskiy coke plant and some others,” she said.

Earlier reports said the Centre was supervising wage payments at the Ukrainian companies going into DPR receivership. The centre comprises 38 representatives of companies’ workforce and trade unions.

On 27 February, DPR and LPR heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy demanded that Kiev stop the blockade by 1 March. The demand was not met, and the Republics introduced receivership at 43 companies that had been operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction. *jk