Donetsk, Dec 2 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen deliver artillery strikes at crowds of civilians in central Donetsk without any military expediency, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin told reporters at the scene of shelling in the center of the city on Friday.

“Scum and monsters. They just (shot) at crowds on Friday evening. Military facilities are nowhere near here, none at all, ” Pushilin said. There’s a shop and public transport stop. It’s the center of the city. There can be no normal assessment regarding these villains. (There was) no military expediency.”

The current objective of DPR servicemen is to drive away the enemy from Donetsk as far as possible, to lose them the opportunity to shell the city and civilians, he added.

DPR Emergencies Ministry fire-fighting and special task force units department director Col Sergey Neka said that according to the latest reports, two people were wounded and garages and cars were on fire. Rescuers are working at the scenes of shelling.

Earlier reports said that Ukrainian armed formations had fired ten “Grad” multiple rocket launcher rounds at the Kievsky and Voroshilovsky districts of Donetsk.*jk