Donetsk, Dec 28 – DAN. A DPR blogger Roman Manekin has been detained on suspicion of cooperation with a Ukrainian special services agent, the DPR Ministry of State Security said.

"The MGB is investigating allegations that appeared in reports in the public domain against Manekin Roman Vladimirovich, year of birth 1965, that he might have cooperated with an identified Ukrainian agent Stanislav Aseyev to the detriment of Republic's state security," the Ministry's statement reads.

"He was detained in connection with it (the allegations), the probe is ongoing."

Roman Manekin was born in Makeyevka, holds Russian citizenship. He became known to the law enforcement authorities in the autumn of 2017 when they detained the blogger as he possessed information on a plotted coup-d'état. He was released soon after.

Stanislav Aseyev, Ukrainian journalist, has been sentenced to 15 years of prison by a DPR court on a number of charges including the establishment of an extremist group, espionage, incitement to espionage.*ot