Donetsk, Jul 8 – DAN. DPR has launched more than 400 criminal cases against Ukrainian commanders of 12 brigades responsible for shelling the Republic, the DPR Prosecutor General's Office said.

"From January to June 2020 the investigation department of the DPR Prosecutor General's Office filed 411 criminal cases under Article 229 part 2, paragraphs a, c of the DPR Criminal Code against Ukrainian commanders."

The commanders under investigation were identified as 28th, 57th, 58th, 36th, 35th, 128th, 24th, 59th, 54th, 10th, 79th brigades commanders, Maxim Marchenko, Anatoly Mishanchuk , Dmitry Kashchenko, Andrey Gnatov, Nikolay Palas, Oleg Goncharuk, Valeriy Gudz, Gennadiy Shapovalov, Alexey Maistrenko, Mikhail Drapatyi, Vasiliy Zubanich and Alexander Lutsenko, respectively.

The perpetrators are responsible for shellfire that left civilians dead or injured and property destroyed or damaged. *ot