Donetsk, Dec 1 – DAN. DPR law enforcement authorities have detained suspected members of a group responsible for kidnapping, the Interior Ministry said.

"Officers of anti-gang police department detained three suspected members of a group responsible for kidnapping people for ransom."

According to the press statement, the gang committed three kidnappings since March 2016. On the last occasion, they demanded 350,000 USD for a woman kidnapped in Donetsk.

"As the result of the law enforcement operation, the victim has been released, and suspects detained," police said.

Criminal investigation is launched under Article 174, p. 4 DPR Criminal Code (Robbery) and Article 127, p.2 and p.3 (Abduction), punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 15 years with a fine in the amount of up to one mln rubles. *ot