Donetsk, Sep 5 - DAN. The two persons put on the wanted list earlier on Wednesday are not involved in the murder of Donetsk People’s Republic Head Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR Interior Ministry press service reported on Wednesday.

“The Interior Ministry is grateful to residents for the information they have provided; no evidence has been found to confirm the involvement of the persons whose photos were circulated,” the press service said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry put on the wanted list two men who visited the Separ restaurant shortly before the August 31 explosion that killed DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko.

An explosion ripped through the Separ restaurant in the centre of the DPR capital at around 17:00 on August 31, killing the Republic’s Head Alexander Zakharchenko and his guard. Twelve people were wounded; five of them were hospitalised and outpatient treatment was provided to another seven.*jk