DPR halts departures to Russia for receiving Russian passports

April 10, 2020 19:28

Donetsk, Apr 10 – DAN. DPR has temporary suspended travel to Russia for the purpose of receiving Russian passports, the DPR Head Administration said.

“Due to the challenging epidemiologic situation the departures to Russia or the purpose of receiving Russian passports are closed from April 13. The documents for the passports are still accepted and reviewed.”

The travels will resume after the situation stabilizes.

On March 14, the DPR went on high alert in connection with the threat of the coronavirus infection spread.

Latest reports said that there were more than a 1.5 mln COVID-19 cases across the world; nearly 88,000 people have died. Out of the 212 affected countries, areas or territories the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is recorded in the US, Spain and Italy.

DRR has imposed a number of restriction on public events, restaurants and educational institutions.*ot