DPR perplexed at Kravchuk’s call to revise the special status principle

August 12, 2020 18:48

Donetsk, Aug 12 – DAN. Ukrainian representatives should focus on implementation of the Minsk agreements rather than inventing new ones, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Earlier on Wednesday, Kiev’s official representative at the Minsk talks Leonid Kravchuk suggested that the notion of “special status” be substituted with “special mode of administrative management”. He said this mew approach is compatible with Ukrainian law and ongoing reforms.

“Unfortunately, new Ukrainian representatives at the talks show a distorted, conflicting with the reality approach to the negotiations in their statements for media, rather than a deep understanding of the Minsk process, which people with serious experience in diplomacy and politics are expected to display,”  Nikonorova said.

She dismissed the new wording of the Package of Measures as a “meaningless attempt to rewrite the agreements”. Kravchuk’s statement on changing the Minsk agreements to fit into the reforms are “perplexing”, the DPR official said.

“In reality it is the opposite: Ukrainian reforms must be carried out in accordance with the Package of Measures approved by the UN Security Council. It means a constitutional reform to secure Donbass special status in the basic law.”*ot