Russia will do its utmost to stop the Donbass war – Gryzlov

May 11, 2020 19:20

Donetsk, May 11 – DAN. Russia’s envoy to the Minsk talks, Boris Gryzlov, has addressed the Donbass residents for the first time today to promise Moscow’s comprehensive support in reinstalling peace in the region.

“Russia as a mediator in the Contact Group is focusing efforts and will further on do everything necessary to stop the military action and reinstall peace in Donbass. Our activity is based on the Minsk Agreements, approved by the UN Security Council, that allow no one to decide the fate of Donbass in disregard of its population’s will and participation,” he said in a statement made available to DAN.

Gryzlov said that Donbass had paid a high price to protect its right for free and decent development.

“Through all of these years, you have been upholding your right to freedom of thought, speech and for the mother tongue, historical and cultural ancestry and tight relations with Russia. Largely, it is your right to life.” *ot