Donetsk, Oct 26 – DAN. Law reform is the top priority for DPR authorities, said the candidate at the upcoming head election Elena Shishkina.

"I lot of people wonder why I have decided to run for head. First, I am a trained lawyer and I know how to establish a rule of law. On of the key points of my election campaign is that the law and justice are cornerstones of a young state, Time has come to build a strong state. My campaign’s first objective is law reform."

Shishkina’s campaign is also to focus on raising social guarantees, patriotic upbringing, promotion of the institution of the family, eliminating corruption, environment protection, raising living standards, foreign policy and economic ties development, synchronizing legal systems with the LPR and Russia.

"On November 11 we are to take an important and responsible step, to choose the head. I call on you to come and cast ballots for the person who is to lead the Republic into wellbeing and power."

Elena Shishkina was born in Donetsk on April 19, 1978. A trained lawyer, she worked as defense lawyer in criminal, civil and administrative cases. A certified DPR lawyer. In 2018 she was appointed chairwoman of the Ukrainian People’s Tribunal for investigating the Poroshenko regime’s war crimes against Ukrainian citizens (UPT). In September she announced bid for DPR head. *ot