Donetsk, Dec 16 - DAN. A ranking of Donetsk People’s Republic towns and districts based on performance indicators in the outgoing year was presenting at a meeting on Thursday between DPR Head Denis Pushilin and heads of administrations of DPR settlements.

The performance is based on 29 criteria including quality of the performance of duties by officials. In this, Yenakiyevo, Amvrosiyevsky district and Snezhnoye clinched the best ratings, while Makeyevka, Zhdanovka and Torez were on the bottom of the list. The DPR towns and districts were also ranked by area defense tasks fulfilment, repairs, welfare programs, interaction with the Emergencies and Construction Ministries, and utility rates.

In the final ranking, the first place went to the town of Torez, the second to Yenakiyevo and and third to Makyevka. They are followed by Shakhtyorsk and Gorlovka. Kirovskoye placed 6th, and Amroviyevsky, Novoazovsky, and Telmonovsky districts placed 7th, 8th and 9th, respectively. Dokuchyevsk finished 10th, Yasinovataya 11th, Starobeshevo 12th, Snezhnoye 13th, Donetsk (DPR capital) 14th, Zhdanovka 15th, Debaltsevo 16th and Khartsyzsk 17th.

“As for towns rankings, the work will continue. It will cover the performance of not only the heads of administrations but also government agencies. The criteria have to be clear. It is not always easy to say if a person works well or not. We have clear data to judge the performance of this or that manager. It is a way for us to develop. We’ll draw rankings-based conclusions and I don’t rule out reshuffles, among other things,” the DPR leader said.

Earlier reports on Thursday said that Pushilin had a meeting with heads of DPR towns and districts. *jk