Donetsk, Dec 21 – DAN. Attendance in the DPR's second Parliament is very high, said DPR People's Council chairman Vladimir Bidyevka in an exclusive interview to DAN.

"I think we may commend the work of Parliament members. The attendance at plenary meetings sets the example. The latest meeting saw 99 MPs, one had a valid medical excuse."

During its term, which began a month ago, the Parliament formed 16 committees and four temporary commissions, endorsed six laws, adopting amendments to the Constitution, customs laws and state control over trade.

Bidyevka praised DPR Head Denis Pushilin for his efforts in shaping the Parliament. "The work was organized well enough."

DPR People’s Council was convened on November 2, 2014 after the election. The Donetsk Republic social movement won the election and got 68 seats. Other 32 seats were taken by the Free Donbass social movement

The DPR Head and Parliamentary Elections took place on November 11. The Donetsk Republic social movement has secured 74 seats, while its rival Free Donbass received 26 mandates.

At the first session on November 19 deputies swore loyalty to the DPR people and Constitution. *ot