Donetsk, Jun 9 – DAN. DPR representatives offered Ukraine to recognize Donbass sovereignty  and give up all the claims on the Republics, the DPR representative at the Minsk talks, DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said.

Today, June 9, the Contact Groups is to hold another round of talks. Nikonorova called the political agenda fruitless as Kiev is not only unwilling to resolve the crisis but impedes the talks. Earlier this week, Kiev representatives "classified" data on the road map sent to the OSCE.

"We consider such a position frankly absurd, as, we remind, the idea of the Minsk Agreements is to settle the conflict via a direct, transparent and efficient dialogue between its sides," she said.

On June 6, the head of Kiev’s delegation to the Minsk talks Leonid Kravchuk said in an interview with 5 Channel that Donbass is Ukraine’s “cancer tumor” that must be removed to allow “development of an independent state”.

"If Ukrainian authorities agree with the idea voiced in one of Mr.Kravchuk's interviews that Donbass is a cancer tumor that must be cut away, then we suggest that Kiev performs a bloodless surgery: recognizes our independence, sovereignty and legal personality, and, correspondingly, drop any claims on Donbass," Nikonorova said.

DPR and LPR presented their road map on the crisis setllement at the Contact Group conference on October 14, 2020. Ukraine tabled its version in early November, though 78 percent of the document, according to experts, are in contradiction with the Minsk Agreements.*ot