Donetsk, Apr 3 – DAN. Families of the Ukrainian detainees kept in the DPR will be able to visit their relatives, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"Guided by the humanitarian law, the DPR is ready to grant access to prisoners for their families residing in Ukraine," she said.

Morozova confirmed that the DPR has fulfilled all the procedures for the POW swap. Kiev has not yet made reciprocal steps, despite its claims. Kiev representatives have not yet confirmed the exchange formula, she added.

"Once again I am appalled by Kiev's cynicism. Its representatives come to power asserting the importance of bringing detainees back home, but turn down the goal so easily."

"Another round of exchange has been derailed by Ukraine only. We have published the lists of Ukrainian offenders for the first time as the Ukrainian nation has the right to know the names of people abandoned by their authorities," Morozova said.

"I once again urge Kiev to alter its policies. Inaction and disregard for people neither lead to peace, nor contribute to the further dialog on important issues."

The swap was expected to take place on March 29. *ot