Donetsk, Oct 8 – DAN. Denis Pushilin has proved that he is a worthy successor to the late DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko by his work in capacity of the Republic's Interim Head, a public activist, kickboxing World and Europe champion Roman Troshin.

"The death of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko is an enormous tragedy for us, but we have not stopped, we keep on going towards our aims. We have a worthy candidate at the upcoming elections – Interim DPR Head Denis Pushilin. He truly supports sport, engages in culture, science and development projects aimed at well-being of the Republic's residents," Troshin said.

According to the sportsmen, integration with Russia has reached a new level under the guidance of Pushilin.

"The integration is happening faster and faster, and it will continue this way if Pushilin wins the November 11 election."

Pushilin has been repeatedly saying that he intends to follow Zakharchenko's policy.

The Head and parliamentary elections are scheduled for November 11 in DPR. *ot