Donetsk, Jul 7 – DAN. Kiev's tactic of ignoring DPR and LPR reps at the Minks talks reflects the idea of a "wall" between Ukraine and Donbass, expressed by the country's president Vladimir Zelensky, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Zelensky announced in late June that in case talks on the conflict settlement fail, Ukraine will have to hold a referendum on "a wall" to separate itself from Donbass. He clarified that the concept pf the wall is complicated, and is not about a physical wall, but rather about the disruption of all connections with the region.

"Deputy head of Ukraine's delegation Mr. Merezhko made a resonating announcement today alleging that Ukraine cares about lives and safety of Donbass civilians. In this regard, we asked him directly three questions: Is the tactic of ignoring Republics' opinion within the Minsk talks related to president's latest statements?"

She emphasized that if Kiev is ready for such a step it must officially notify all the sides concerned and announce its withdrawal.

Merezhko was also asked why the coordination mechanism parameters have not been harmonized yet and why does Ukraine communicates with the OSCE for practical purposes but not the Republics.

"Merezko reply in his typical manner: he tried to re-address them to Russia representative, then announced that he will give answers during the working group meeting. Of course., we shall ask him at the next meeting," Nikonorova said. *ot