Donetsk, Jul 21 – DAN. DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova has called the situation at the Contact Group talks as a deep stagnation.

"One and the same statement is being voiced at eight recent Contact Group meeting, which is indicative of the deepest stagnation of the political track of the talks, despite the change of the coordinator from the OSCE," she said.

Nikonorova said that the political group could resume work promptly and relaunch dialog on the implementation of the Package of Measures political articles in case Ukraine is willing to do so.

"To restart talks, Ukraine must provide its reaction to the propositions on unblocking the talks and its comments on the road map tabled in the autumn of 2020," she said.

Yesterday's video conference if the political subgroup ended abruptly as Kiev refused to hold talks.

The Contact Group talks have been in a deadlock since summer 2020. A suggestion was tabled to develop a road map to revive the political subgroup talks.

The DPR and LPR filed their drafts in October 2020, Ukraine responded after a month presenting a document with 78 pc of articles violating the Minsk Agreements. *ot