Donetsk, Oct 22 – DAN. DPR residents should exercise their constitutional right to vote for the sake of the Republic's future, said the chancellor of the Donetsk National University, Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics Svetlana Bespalova.

"First and foremost, the right to vote is stipulated by the Constitution and exercising the right is an opportunity to shape the Republic's future. Voting testifies to active citizenship. A citizen casting his vote deserves respect."

Bespalova said that the unstable security situation and looming threat of military action breaking out make people think of the future.

"Time has come to construct, to find acceptable ways to organize our living."

She said that Donbass future is imminently linked to Russia.

"Donbass is an outpost of the Russian world, a stronghold in its fight for a fare future. The price we pay for independence, freedom and justice is enormous. Thousands sacrificed their lives for us and our peaceful life of labor, creativity and unification with the Russian World," she said.

The Head and parliamentary elections are to take place in the DPR on November 11. *ot