Donetsk, Nov 28 – DAN. Declaration of martial law in Ukraine might cause chaos in the country's regions by legalizing violence against local residents coming fromauthorities, said the leader of the Young Republic social organization Nikita Kiosev.

"Declaration of martial law is a radical form of chronic madness manifestation. Our estimationis clear – shame on the Kiev junta. There is no telling what a chaos might overwhelm the regions with the martial law, where mad are legally empowered to execute violence."

"Poroshenko is like a little hysterical girl in her attempts to gain attention with her antics; he is trying to secure his presidency by desperate provocations. Obviously, Americans are ashamed of such a behavior of their ward, that is why Trump's comments were so limited."

Ukrainian parliament endorsed draft law on declaration martial law from 9 a.m. November 28 for 30 days in nine Ukrainian regions adjacent to Russia and Transnistria, or Kiev-controlled Donbass regions, or the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

Martial law is brought in all over the state or in designated areas in accordance with the bill "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law". Martial law provides military authorities and leadership with greater and unlimited power, while restricting civil liberties such as public gatherings, media freedoms and free movement. *ot