Donetsk, Nov 2 - DAN. Ukraine has been moving towards inevitable breakup of the country since the 2014 government overthrow, DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko said in the course of an online conference with residents of DPR and Ukraine.

“Apparently the destruction initiated by Maidan in February 2014 is ongoing, and sooner or later will result in the breakup of former Ukraine. I have no doubts about it now. Furthermore, I have a justified suspicion that there are masterminds and perpetrators behind the break-up of Ukraine, including in Kiev,” Zakharchenko said as he replied a Donetsk News Agency question. “It is evident from the laws passed in Kiev, as well as from the laws which are not passed though they are meant to be passed.”

He said that Mikhail Saakashvili who currently leads the protest is performing the scenario role assigned to him by U.S. supervisors.

“Saakashvili did the most important thing today, he gained a foothold which can be used by those who are really set to carry out a coup and seize power. Of course, Saakashvili will get pushed off the bandwagon as it gets going,” the DPR leader said.

What is happening in Ukraine now does not directly affect the future of Donbass. “Both Poroshenko and those wishing to depose him will think about a new hot war against us anyway. So we wait while getting ready,” Zakharchenko said. “The only thing that can impact the Donbass fate is the collapse of Kiev as a political and economic centre. A new country will be born in the ensuing chaos. And this new country is of interest to us.”

In the second half of October, Kiev saw protests by supporters of former Odessa region governor Mikhail Saakashvili who currently leads Rukh Novykh Sil (Movement of New Forces), as well as opposition politicians. The rally organisers demanded the establishment of an anti-corruption court, stripping deputies of immunity and transition to parliamentary election on open and transparent Party lists.

Zakharchenko is answering questions at the online conference marking an anniversary of DPR’s 2014 election. DPR residents living in Kiev-held areas as well as Ukrainian residents are welcome to ask questions. The DPR leader’s answers are published on глава.рус website *jk