Donetsk, Jan 16 - DAN. Kiev representatives at the Minsk talks were unable to elaborate on the Ukrainian leadership’s Donbass ceasefire control plan, Donetsk People’s Republic envoy to the Contact Group talks, DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said on Tuesday.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the Ukrainian delegation’s plans to promote additional measures towards securing a comprehensive ceasefire in the region.

“Unlike the Ukrainian leadership which made loud announcements about the work to promote additional tighter ceasefire control measures, the Ukrainian negotiators have made no headway in this issue, failing even to say what exactly the president ordered to do in this regard,” Nikonorova said.

Earlier on Tuesday, she said that the DPR would demand legal status for the ceasefire violation sanctions agreement at the Minsk talks. The parties agreed additional ceasefire control measures in July 2019.*jk