Donetsk, Aug 14 – DAN. DPR companies exported more than 10,000 tons of local dairy products in the first half of 2020, meat and sausage products, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food said.

"More than 8.5 thousand tons of dairy products were exported in the first half of 2020, that is 12.5 percent more compared to last year," the Ministry said.

Almost 1.5 thousand tons were shipped in June alone, showing 2.3 percent growth to previous months and 0.6 percent to last year.

"Meat and sausage products export grew 11.4 percent compared to 2019, as 2.1 thousand tons were shipped."

DPR companies also export their production to the LPR and a number of Russian regions.

Earlier the DPR planned to ship household chemicals, machinery, compound feed and food to Crimea. The negotiations are ongoing at the business and top officials levels. *ot