Donetsk, Aug 2 – DAN. DPR information centers have begun accepting applications for participation in the Russian legislative election from the region's residents who have Russian passports.

Earlier on Monday the Chairwoman of the Russian Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova announced the start of admitting applications for remote voting.

In a couple of hours, the Commission accepted more than 16,000 applications.

The head of the DPR information center No.357 Anna Gaivoronskaya clarified that a person can apply via the Russian State Services website or address an information center and obtain assistance.

In case the application is successfully processed and accepted, the notification will appear on the Russian State Services website personal profile.

The voting will take place on September 17-19.

The DPR information centers' assistants are willing to help the residents with filing applications, Gaivoronskaya said. *ot