Donetsk, Nov 30 - DAN. The first 100 Donbass residents who have Russian citizenship have received membership cards of the all-Russia political party “United Russia,” Russian lawmaker Viktor Vodolatsky said on Tuesday at a forum in Donetsk on prevention of falsification of history.

“Today, the first 100 Donbass residents received “United Russia” membership cards, as instructed by “United Russia” General Council Secretary (Andrey Turchak), ” Vodolatsky said.

Applications to join “United Russia” opened at the Russia-Donbass forum in Donetsk in mid-July 2021.

To officially join “United Russia” ranks, an applicant must have the status of party supporter.  Other requirements include Russian citizenship, age 16 upwards, support of and solidarity with the Party’s program objectives and active contribution to their implementation. At the final stage, a candidate has to obtain recommendation of the council of supporters, pass an interview and submit a membership application.*jk