Donetsk, Sep 16 - DAN. Participation of Donbass residents in the voting in the upcoming election to the State Duma will be a benchmark for the Donbass integration with Russia, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.​

“I call on you to vote in the State Duma election. It is a civic duty of every Russian citizen,” Pushilin said. “It’s caring about the future of our Motherland and children. I’m will certainly use this right. We decide on what our house, Russia, will be like tomorrow.”

“This event is another step towards Donbass’ integration in the Russian Federation. We’re Russian citizens, and our numbers grow every day. The fate of our Big Country is dear to us, and the course for development it will embark on is very important,” he added.

Earlier reports said that DPR authorities had arranged for 825 bus runs and 12 trains to take people to voting stations in Russia’s Rostov region. Requests for trips are taken via enquiry hotline 357 and local information centers across the Republic. DPR residents can also vote online using the Russian government services portal.

The Russian parliamentary election will take place on September 17-19. *jk