Donetsk, Aug 1 - DAN. Nearly 14,000 prospective students from Russia, Ukraine, DPR, LPR and Kiev-held territory were admitted to DPR universities this year, the Republic’s Education and Science Minister Larisa Polyakova told reporters on Tuesday.

“In 2017 basic intake, 13,877 prospective students were enrolled; 10,742 DPR budget-funded scholarships were provided,” Polyakova said. “Four hundred and eight prospective enrolled at universities within the scope of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme. We have students from Russia and Ukrainian territory.”

The largest number of prospective students applied to Donetsk National University and Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Makeyevka. Professions in the fields of medicine, education, law and agribusiness were in high demand.

The minister said additional intake had been announced under the humanitarian programme. It will continue until 10 September. “The measure has been taken to enable prospective students from Kiev-held Donbass areas who had missed the application deadline for this or that reason, to take part in the contest.”

DPR universities opened applications on 26 June. Closing date is 31 July. Residents of Kiev-held Donbass towns and districts are offered education opportunities within the framework of the humanitarian programme.*jk